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Do you have Website Maintenance plans?

Not exactly predefined plans, however we will evaluate your needs and build a custom plan for you.

What front-end frameworks do you work with?

Primarily we work with pride with Foundation and Bootstrap.

Do you have a list of rates?

All of our projects are personalized, custom and are managed like that from scratch, in order to receive a propossal/quotation, you need to interview with one of our account executives, after answering some questions and after we do our own research and calculations, we will deliver a fair quotation.

Do you provide statistics and reports?

Our SEO campaigns will provide you with useful information and progress statistics every month.

Are you available abroad your current location?

Definitely! we can travel when is required and most important, we are capable of managing your project or campaign from the distance, we have reporting formats and a cloud-based progress review system. No boundaries!

Are your projects wordpress based?

Of course not! we work under the highest quality and security standars, we decided a long ago to work with Laravel Framework, and we create our own content management tools from scratch, wordpress and other CMS are known for being vulnerable to attacks due to bad plugins, templates, etc. However, ask your account executive for other possibilities.

Can you integrate any type of data into our Business Dashboard?

After evaluating the data sources, we can determine the possibility of pairing this type of data, however major social networks and online tools, can be integrated when feeds or APIs are available.